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We simplify and explain the development approval process

Our town planning services help you gain building approvals efficiently

Town planning, property development and approvals that are straightforward and hassle-free

Central Coast Town Planners provide town planning advice and property development services to property owners and purchasers on the Central Coast of NSW.

From start to finish of any property project, we develop your plans and seek approvals quickly and smoothly.

We provide pre-purchase advice and reports, planning proposals, rezoning and development applications and more. We address all Council and State requirements for your project so nothing is missed.

Our aim is for you to achieve your development goals and gain approval with minimal stress. Let us manage your next property development project.


Project Management

 We help you with buying and selling property, can determine the potential for rural, coastal and urban development sites and will take you through the whole approvals process.

Town Planning

 We handle planning, rezoning and other applications, as well as advising on land and building potential or environmental constraints.

Property Development

 We undertake every step in the rezoning, subdividing and building approvals process, including granny flats and other medium density developments.

Environmental Assessments

 We provide bushfire and ecological reports, breach rectification, coastal, estuarine and climate change reports. We also provide threatened species, heritage and sustainability advice.

Why choose us
Central Coast Town Planners are the company of choice for developers with small to medium sized projects, particularly on environmentally sensitive land or difficult development sites. Our Award-winning Director is also a Certified Environmental Practitioner.

We have been in the town planning business for many years, so we are experienced and capable. We provide you with tailored advice and guide you through the process to complete your development project without any fuss.

Our track record for approvals and negotiating difficult situations is outstanding.

  • We’re experienced. Over 30 years in the industry has given us varied perspectives on town planning, including protecting your profitability.
  • We’re convenient. We provide a mobile service, and will visit you at your property on the NSW Central Coast or further north.
  • We’re conscientious. We provide sustainable solutions for projects on environmentally sensitive land.
  • We’re efficient. Our work is of a high quality and we meet your deadlines, saving you time and money in the long run.

For more information about our services or to discuss your development project, contact us at:

Phone: 0439 465 441

We service the NSW Central Coast and regional NSW.